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English in the Hedgehog!
The Hedgehog is a multicultural group of members with various cultural background. We appreciate and enjoy the coexistence of different cultures in our group. Language constitutes liveliness of the atmosphere in all part of our daily routine.
English as a global language maintain its still continuing importance in every sphere of our life. Therefore, our educators build a bridge for us to meet the English language. It gains us our English language skills in pronunciation, in vocabulary, in speaking, in verbal and listening comprehension. We learn English step by step with words and simple instructions. For instance, when we meet in the morning, we say ‘good morning’ and in the same way we farewell saying ‘see you tomorrow’. In tee time we say ‘get your cup please’, and we sing ‘clean up’ song after game time. We sing short songs which we learn during ‘Morning Circle’. Many other simple instructions are repeated in both German and English all day along.
Morning Circle is a time period when we all come together and make a circle to enjoy learning English. After creating circle, we greet each other by sometimes verbal language, sometimes body language and sometimes sign language. Later on children learn how to introduce themselves by using flashcards with children’s names on them. Then an activity is planned according to theme weekly or monthly. For instance, ´prepositions´ were the subject we practiced during the week. We introduced prepositions by using flashcards on board and then practiced them with materials such as a small box and a small ball. Body movements also help children correlate prepositions with their body movements. In the end we close up Morning Circle saying weather conditions and the day of the week.
We decide on themes and methods considering children´s skills and interest and we utilize every corner of the room. Morning Circle sometimes happens sitting on the carpet, sometimes in front of the smart board or sitting in their chairs. Various learning strategies are taken into consideration for children to be able to feel and use English. Educational activities during Morning Circle and continuous use of English fasten chidlren´s language acquisition process.

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